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Spa & Salon in Adelaide


Here are the top results for “spa near me/hair salon near me.” Spas are a blessing in today’s hectic and restless lifestyle. Massage is a great way to relax your muscles, which eventually shows surprising results with stress relief and mental health. It is also said that massages improve blood and lymph circulation. Sitting throughout the day can cause back, neck and shoulder pain. It can even cause stress in the long run. Massages help the body release necessary fluids and relax the muscles to prevent that from happening.

Izydaisy is one of the best and free classified platforms in India. You can advertise anything and everything here (within our guidelines) without having to pay a single penny. You can also explore millions of classifieds on our platform for whatever you’re looking for. There are tons of classifieds from various categories on Izydaisy, posted by users from all around the world. For instance, when you say “spa near me or hair salon near me,” we’ll show you spas and salons near your location, once you give us your location access.

If you run your own spa and/or salon, you can post free ads here and be discovered by people nearby. Izydaisy lets you post free ads for your business(s), product and/or services. You can even post multiple ads for different products/services that you provide, you’ll not be charged for any of the ads. Do read our guidelines before posting an ad though. There are no hidden fees or charges but there are certain regulations you need to follow. Regulations that ensure that all the listings stay legitimate and just.

Once posted an ad, it will be displayed for 40 days after which you will require to renew it manually. There is no fee on renewal either, why you have to do that manually is because that way we know that the ad is still relevant and wanted. Your ads will not be displayed after 40 days but they will stay in our database for 90 days after its expiration. If you don’t renew them inside that time it will be deleted. We hope to see you again, a lot more of you.


Do they provide services at home?

As far as we can say, some do and some don’t. You will have to contact the spa that you want to go to and ask them about your queries. Don’t worry, there’s no charge on contacting the listings. So, feel free to reach out to them.

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